Janielle Lucas | Studio Owner

Janielle found Bikram in 2012, and has had a routine practice ever since. She was a gymnast for 15 years and trained as a level 10 under the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program. While the sport taught her many things, she unfortunately suffered many acute and chronic injuries/conditions. She had her first surgery for a dislocated knee cap at the age of 12, hurt her lower back at 13, tore all the ligaments in her right ankle at 16, and tore her right psoas at 17. She also developed a chronic condition called Interstitial Cystitis, which is an extremely painful bladder condition that has no cure. Doctors have speculated it is due to very overactive nerves in her lower spine. Prior to Bikram, she would have surgeries twice a year to reduce scarring and help with any ulcerations; however, since practicing Bikram, she hasn't had to have any! She has seen this practice heal not only the body, but the mind and soul first hand. Her teaching style is firm and detailed, with a focus on compassion. She enjoys helping students in any way she can, and can't wait to meet you.

Jana Christensen