Toni Rosenwald

Toni Rosenwald is a compassionate, passionate, traveling yogini and master HIIT instructor. Having trained with the original Bikram Yoga Teacher Training of Fall 2015 (Thailand), Toni has underwent vigorous training in hot yoga, and has worked with Missy Jones the pioneer of the HIIT/Yoga/Pilates training called PyroPILATES. Toni has worked all over the country and the world, teaching yoga regularly in Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and California. She has also taught at the prestigious Ubud Yoga Centre studio in Bali. Outside of yoga and fitness, Toni is passionate about alternative medical treatment for mental health, and in early 2018 Toni took a pilgrimage to India to study and immerse herself in ayuravedic punchakarma treatment. At the End of 2018 Toni flew to Texas for Science of the Self Teacher Training, Meridian Yoga Therapy (MYT), a healing modality combining Yoga with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Toni works with all levels She can give you a relaxing, restorative flow to help with anxiety or stress, or she could flip a switch and put an athlete through a high intensity, fat burning workout if that’s what they want. She could also do a combination of methods if that is what is needed. Toni’s clients range from senior citizens to young children under five. From people struggling with obesity and lack of flexibility to college and professional level athletes who train everyday. Any questions or concerns you may have please feel free to reach out and ask. Toni loves to talk about her passions – yoga, art, modeling, fitness, alternative medicine, and travel.

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